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One of the greatest things about owning a home at the Jersey Shore is the prospects of turning into an income property. It’s without doubt that the Jersey Shore is a popular vacation destination – attracting millions of vacationers every year because there’s the beach, the boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean to enjoy! With that being said, summer vacation rentals are typically fully booked before the season even begins which allows Jersey Shore homeowners to benefit from the sought-after destination. If you’ve considered the prospects of turning your home into a vacation rental, check out these things to know before you list it on the market!


Determining Rental Price

The price of a Jersey Shore vacation rental varies throughout the season, the year and also has other determining factors like home amenities and the location. Most property owners who utilize their shore home as a second house will generally allow vacation rentals throughout the year but in this guide we will go over the Jersey Shore real estate summer season. Typically, homeowners will list their shore homes with weekly rental rates and block out certain times throughout the season for personal use while others may even permit monthly rental opportunities.

When you decide how frequently you’ll visit the shore, compile a list of dates that your home will be available to renters. Once you’ve determined the available weeks, consider the price of your home because you’ll want to make enough money to cover your monthly mortgage and utilities while still making a profit. Most rentals will include utilities in the overall costs, so keep this in mind. As the summer season progresses, the price of weekly renters will generally increase until they hit their peak which may be around August or the beginning of September – this of course is due to demand and supply. Talking with a real estate agent from Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty may give you greater insight on the price points to give you the most profit with a fair renting rate.


It makes sense to have your Jersey Shore home regularly cleaned after a vacationer has rented it. Many property owners will hire a housekeeping crew to arrive at the home and prep it for the next user. With that being said, property owners may also leave welcome packets for the weekly tenant that may outline important information about property use which isn’t limited to light cleaning before they checkout. However, the cost of housekeeping should also be factored into the rental price to offset your out-of-pocket costs. Keep in mind that you may even perform the cleaning to net additional profits.

Convenient Inclusions

In order to make your Jersey Shore home attractive to vacationers, you may want to include some conveniences that will make their stay more enjoyable. Think of the things you commonly get with a hotel room: travel-sized shampoo, soap, conditioner, lotion, etc.

You’ll want to emulate these items with things like:

  • Jersey Shore guidebooks
  • Beach tags & boardwalk activity coupons
  • Local restaurant menus
  • Various cleaning supplies (laundry detergent, dish soap, multi-purpose cleaner, etc.)

The smallest details make the biggest impact which will increase the likelihood of your home being rented and it may even result in a vacationer renting your home again in the future. Taking advantage of your Jersey Shore home as a vacation rental gives you the opportunity of making additional money throughout the year. It could lead you to the purchase of another investment property in the Margate NJ real estate market or another shore town that’s filled with vacationers!