Some important community information for Ventnor and the surrounding area courtesy of the Ventnor Newsletter:


Dorset Avenue Bridge

The Dorset Avenue Bridge will be closed in both directions on Saturday, April 30 from 8am to 6pm.  At 6pm on Saturday the bridge will open to traffic in just one direction (toward Ventnor Heights).  It will remain open in just one direction until approximately 10am on Monday, May 2 at which time the bridge will open in both directions.  Work will continue after that but will not affect traffic.



Ventnor Avenue Construction

South Jersey Gas Company is installing a new gas main under Ventnor Avenue.  As a result, the Eastbound lane (going toward Atlantic City) of Ventnor Avenue in the areas where they are working will be closed to traffic 24 hours a day while the work continues.  This will likely go through May 25 at which time the gas main work will stop until after Labor Day.  We will keep you updated via this newsletter.


Please note that merchants along Ventnor Avenue will remain open during this work.


The Ventnor City Police Department reminds those driving around town to be mindful of the detour and road construction signs. These signs have been put in place for the safety of motorists and the construction workers. Driving past a ROAD CLOSED sign can lead to being stopped by VCPD and issued a court appearance mandatory motor vehicle summons ($133). Your continued consideration leads to a safe work environment for the workers which in turn helps speed the project along.


If you have any questions about the Ventnor Avenue construction please call the Mayor's office at 823-7900.  We will keep you updated via this newsletter.



Ventnor City Budget

The fiscal year 2011 Ventnor City budget may be viewed online by clicking here.  (You will need a PDF file viewer program such as Adobe Reader on your computer.)  You may also get a printed copy at the City Clerk's office in City Hall during regular business hours.  Time will be reserved at the May 19 Ventnor City Commission meeting (7pm, City Hall second floor) for comments and questions about the budget or you may contact any of the Commissioners.



Valet Trash Collection Service

The ACUA is again offering a seasonal Valet Trash & Recycling Collection Service.  This will eliminate the need for you to put your trash containers out to the curb on your collection day and bring them back to a proper storage location at your home later that day.


With the valet service the ACUA will do that for you.  On your scheduled collection day ACUA's staff will retrieve the trash and recycling containers from your residence, empty them and return them to the residence. This service will be available from May 30 to September 9, 2011.  You may also purchase new trash or recycling containers from the ACUA.


A reminder that Ventnor law states that trash containers may be put out to curbside no earlier than 6:00pm the day before your collection day and must be returned to a proper storage location no later than 7:00pm on collection day. Containers must be stored where they are not visible from the street.  The valet service may be useful to people who might not be here on their collection day or those who don't want to handle their trash containers.


For more information, prices and a registration form for the valet service please click here to visit the ACUA Valet website or call them at 609-272-6950.



Household Trash

Per newly-enacted City Ordinance #2011-04, it is now illegal to put residential trash into city owned trash receptacles.  This includes receptacles on sidewalks, the boardwalk and other locations in Ventnor City.



Bicycle Safety

The Ventnor City Police Department would like to remind parents and guardians to follow a few safety tips when bringing out children's' bicycles for the Spring and Summer: Make sure the tires are properly inflated, the bicycle is in good working order, the bicycle "fits" the child, and most importantly the child has a properly fitted bicycle helmet. Bicycle helmet use is the law in NJ for those 17 and under. Not only is it the law, but the small cost of a helmet can defray the life changing bills associated with a head injury, or even worse. There are businesses in the area that can check your bicycle and help you with a bike helmet.


The NJ helmet law also covers those riding skateboards, scooters, and rollerblades/ roller-skates.


The VCPD and PBA Local #97 would like to reward children found wearing their helmet.

If you are a local business and care to offer a small discount or small item as a reward please contact Sgt. Charles Wood at 823-7928.




Dogs are not permitted on the beach in Ventnor starting May 16.  This law applies 24 hours a day from May 16 until October 1.  A reminder that dogs are never permitted on the boardwalk in Ventnor.  This law applies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (366 days in leap years).



Ventnor Recreation Summer Camp

Camp starts July 5.  Programs include: Sports Camp (boys & girls age 6 and up), Tot Arts & Crafts Camp (boys & girls age 4-6), Tory's Basketball World Camp (age 6 and up), Villanova Field Hockey Camp (grades 3-8), Hoop Mountain Girls Basketball Camp (girls age 9-16), Semet Soccer Camp (age 5-14) and U.K. Elite Soccer Camp.  Click here for complete details, dates, times, fees and a registration form or call the Ventnor City Recreation Department at 823-7950.



Beach Patrol

The Ventnor City Beach Patrol will open four protected beaches starting Memorial Day Weekend: Suffolk Ave., Dorset Ave., New Haven Ave., Lafayette Ave.  Beaches will be protected from 10am to 6pm daily.  The remaining Ventnor beaches will be protected by June 30.  Please do not swim in un-protected areas.



Beach Badges

Beach badges are on sale now at the Tax Office in City Hall from 9am to 4pm, Monday-Friday.  Weekend hours to be announced.  If purchased prior to June 1 they are $7.00 each or $3.50 each for seniors (age 65 or over).  Starting June 1 the price will be $15.00 each for everyone.  Beach badges are required for everyone age 12 and over on the beach.  Ventnor beach badges may also be used in Margate.



Ventnor Fishing Pier

The Pier will be open beginning May 1.  The gate lock will be changed so please renew your membership at the pier office to get your new key.  The pier office will be open daily 8am-4pm.  New members: please stop by the pier office to sign-up.  NOTE: a photo ID will be required for all renewals and all new members.



Attention Snowbirds

If you had your Ventnor mail forwarded to somewhere else for the Winter please contact the Ventnor Post Office at least one week before you depart the other location.  They will stop forwarding your mail from Ventnor and hold it for pickup when you return.  Call 609-823-5521.



Best Beach Contest

The NJ Sea Grant Consortium is holding its annual "New Jersey's Top-10 Beaches" contest.  Ventnor is a candidate.  The categories are best beach for: family vacation, day trips and ecotourism.  If you'd like to vote in any or all of those categories, click here.  Voting ends May 20.